June 19, 2024

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Explained

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) involves a qualified legal professional providing you with guidance on legal matters. Learn more.

Have you ever wondered to yourself: "When is independent legal advice required?" Understanding independent legal advice (ILA) isn't easy, but it's important! This is especially true when dealing with important documents and decisions.

We explain what ILA is, when you need it, and who can provide it.

We'll also discuss how ILA impacts mortgage agreements and explain the Certificate of Independent Legal Advice.

Keep reading to ensure you're fully informed and protected in your legal matters.

What is Independent Legal Advice? (ILA)

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) involves a qualified legal professional providing you with guidance on legal documents or agreements. This ensures you fully understand your rights and obligations before signing.

You can easily obtain independent legal advice from a lawyer or neighbourhood Notary Public. A notary helps you make informed decisions without any conflict of interest, offering a clear perspective and understanding on the legal implications involved.

When is Independent Legal Advice Required?

You might need independent legal advice in situations where you might face significant legal consequences.

Here are some common examples of documents for which you should seek independent legal advice:

  • Signing a mortgage loan or a reverse mortgage
  • Signing a prenuptial agreement
  • Signing marriage and separation agreements
  • Signing business contracts

A notary ensures that you and the other party (or parties) understand the terms and conditions. This safeguards your interests and ensures that you aren’t agreeing under pressure or misunderstanding.

Who Can Give Independent Legal Advice?

A notary public is qualified to provide independent legal advice.

Whether or not you have your own lawyer, notaries are impartial professionals who can guide you through legal documents and contracts. By consulting with a notary, you receive the necessary advice to understand and navigate your legal obligations, ensuring that your decisions are well-informed and in your best interest.

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What is ILA in Mortgage Agreements?

ILA ensures you understand the terms, conditions, and potential risks involved with a mortgage loan.

A notary reviews the real estate and mortgage documents with you, explaining each part to ensure you’re fully aware of your commitments. This step is crucial to prevent future disputes and financial complications, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

What is a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice?

A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is a legal document that a notary or a lender provides. A legal professional will review the contract with you and advise you to their best ability.

A Certificate of ILA is often a requirement from a large lender. Banks, Credit Unions and other lenders may require you to have ILA to ensure you understand a mortgage agreement, business loan, or reverse mortgage.

When the Certificate of ILA is notarized, it proves that you received professional guidance and fully understand the legal implications of the document you’re signing. When signed, it protects everyone from future legal disputes.


Navigating legal documents and agreements can feel intimidating.

But it doesn't have to be!

With the right independent legal advice, you can make informed and confident decisions for your future.

Whether you’re signing a mortgage, a business contract, or a prenuptial agreement, knowing your rights and obligations is essential. Independent legal advice from a notary ensures that you’re protected and fully aware of the legal implications involved.

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Disclaimer: While I am able to provide Independent Legal Advice (ILA), it is important to note that certain banks and financial institutions may require the services of a lawyer for such advice. We recommend verifying with your lender whether they accept ILA provided by a notary public or if they specifically require a lawyer. Please consult with your lender to ensure compliance with their requirements.

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