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Meet The Team

Mavneet Thind

Senior Conveyancer

Mavneet is a dedicated professional who is passionate about balancing work and personal life. When she's not tackling tasks with precision and focus, you can find her enjoying quality time with her husband and beloved dogs. With a cheerful demeanour and a knack for efficiency, Mavneet effortlessly navigates through her workload, ensuring that files are completed promptly and accurately. Her commitment to both her work and her loved ones makes her a valued member of the team, bringing a refreshing light-heartedness to the workplace.

Elisa Yan


Elisa has been a staple of our team. When she's not meticulously organizing administrative tasks with her no-nonsense approach, she enjoys leisurely walks in the evening or cherishing moments with her family. With her keen attention to detail and straightforward attitude, Elisa ensures that tasks are completed correctly and efficiently.

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