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From buying and selling homes, to mortgage transaction and refinancing – our real estate notary services in Surrey are here to make the process of real estate transactions easy. Contact us today to know about our legal services.

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Real Estate notary: Legal Documents Made Easy

Congratulations on your new home!

The number of legal documents needed when buying a home can be overwhelming. But we’re here to make this paperwork process quick and easy for you.

As your real estate notary public, we’re here for you throughout the entire process and ensure everything is taken care of to the highest standards. From collection of right closing documents to seamless house completion, we remain with you till the end.


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Real Estate Notary Services: Our Process

Property purchase, selling and payment can get complicated. That’s why as a responsible Surrey notary public we have broken down the real estate transaction process into 6 simple steps – so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

Mortgage/Refinancing process


When the date for property transfer is confirmed, let our notary public know. We will ask you to send us the contract. To do this, simply ask your realtor to forward the contract document to our office.


Once all the conditions are removed from your contract, your realtor’s office will forward us all the documents we require to start the notary file. Make sure to advise your realtor, your bank, and/or your mortgage broker, of where to send your documents and paperwork. Please ensure this is done 10 business days before the deadline.


Once we receive the document from your realtor, our staff will contact you approximately 2-3 weeks before your completion date. At this time, we’ll complete your client intake and schedule your signing appointment.


After our initial call, we’ll send you a follow up email that includes your appointment time and confirm your personal information (ex. your name & address)


Once your file is ready for you to sign, our staff will contact you to make an appointment. This appointment is usually 1-5 days before the property completion date for buyers and 1-2 days for sellers. Please bring 2 pieces of government issued ID to the appointment.  For a guide on acceptable IDs, please visit this link.


On the day of completion, the property is registered in your name, the mortgage is registered on the title, and the funds are transferred to the seller’s lawyer/notary. We then notify you, the seller, and any realtors involved. This ensures everyone is on the same page. At this time, you can arrange for exchange of the keys.

Selling A House process


Contact our notary office 10 business days before the deadline, and let us know about the dates for the refinancing.


Once we receive the instructions from the money lender, we will contact you for additional information.


Your notary goes to work. We do a title search, obtain tax information, request information from the insurer, and get all the necessary documents from the strata management company. Once all the documents are gathered in our office, we prepare the closing documents to complete the deal seamlessly.


We will contact you 1-3 days before the closing date and set up an appointment to sign the documents.


Your notary goes to work again. We register the mortgage, obtain the funds from your lender, and pay out any existing lenders or creditors approved in the Order to Pay.


We will provide you with a report and the mortgage proceeds.

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Testimonials for Our Notary Service

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I had a short time frame to complete my place in 2 weeks. They took me no problem were very clear with paper work i needed. Out of dealing with the bank, appraisal, and then another bank. The most professional people I found was at this notary. Highly recommend them.

Bogdan Marin
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Clayton Heights Notary were amazing! They handled both the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. They were diligent in follow up to ensure a smooth transaction and explained everything to us when we were signing with regards to paperwork in a way that we could understand clearly. I highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again in future dealings.

Kyle Getty
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Fast and professional service. Brittany is fantastic to deal with. My entire family now uses CH and I’d recommend them to anyone in BC.

Steven Cross
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I highly recommend Brittany Ratzlaff with Clayton Heights Notary. We used Brittany for the purchase of our townhouse and had an excellent experience. As first time home owners, we had a lot of questions but Brittany and the staff at Clayton Heights Notary made the whole process quite easy!

Stephanie Leith
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First time ever leveraging the services of a notary public. Very impressed with my experience here. I found them to be professional and prompt. I will need to leverage a notary public again in the not-too-distant future and won't hesitate about going to Clayton Heights Notary. Highly recommended.

Geordan Robertson
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Working with Brittany was a seamless, enjoyable experience. This was my 1st conveyance so I had no idea what the documents meant and she explained each document with great patience. I would highly recommend this Notary office and would definitely use them again in the future. Everyone we were in contact with at this Notary office was extremely professional and easy to deal with.

AJ Mac