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Will Preparation & Estate Planning Notary Surrey

Complexities of Estate planning often become overwhelming.  But with our support, you can confidently navigate the legal aspects of safeguarding your assets, ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones. As the most trusted will preparation & estate planning notary in Surrey, we are well-versed in legal intricacies of legal services. We help you prepare wills, advance directives and plan estate.

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Wills & Estates Planning Catered to You

Everyone approaches an estate plan with their own values, finances, and family situation. We take the time to sit down with you and create a will or estate plan you are satisfied with. We take pride in ensuring that our estate planning notary ensure your paperwork is not only properly notarized but also executed with precision, adhering to all legal requirements.

What is Estate Planning?

When properly structured, an estate plan can reduce the taxes paid on your estate, simplify and speed the transition of assets to the next generation, and ensure that your beneficiaries are protected.

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Will Preparation

Preparing a Will is one of the only ways to be certain that your lifetime’s work and assets are passed on to the people you have chosen.

It provides security for your family and those you are responsible for. A will enables your assets to be transferred smoothly upon your death. A will also lets you decide the guardians of your children upon your passing.

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Power of attorney BC

With a Power of Attorney, you give the power to a representative to look after Legal and financial affairs on your behalf while you are alive and unable to act for yourself. You can appoint any capable adult over the age of 19 to be your attorney.

Similar to a Will, a Power of Attorney can only be made by a mentally competent person.

Health Representation Agreement

A Representation Agreement is complementary to the Power of Attorney.

Where Power of Attorney allows your attorney to make financial decisions for you, a Representation Agreement allows your representative to make Health Care decisions for you when you are no longer able to make these choices. A Representation Agreement also allows a limited amount of financial decision making.

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Notary services don’t need to be hard or complicated. Contact us for help today.

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Testimonials for Our Notary Service

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First time ever leveraging the services of a notary public. Very impressed with my experience here. I found them to be professional and prompt. I will need to leverage a notary public again in the not-too-distant future and won't hesitate about going to Clayton Heights Notary. Highly recommended.

Geordan Robertson
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I highly recommend Brittany Ratzlaff with Clayton Heights Notary. We used Brittany for the purchase of our townhouse and had an excellent experience. As first time home owners, we had a lot of questions but Brittany and the staff at Clayton Heights Notary made the whole process quite easy!

Stephanie Leith
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Clayton Heights Notary were amazing! They handled both the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. They were diligent in follow up to ensure a smooth transaction and explained everything to us when we were signing with regards to paperwork in a way that we could understand clearly. I highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again in future dealings.

Kyle Getty
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I had a short time frame to complete my place in 2 weeks. They took me no problem were very clear with paper work i needed. Out of dealing with the bank, appraisal, and then another bank. The most professional people I found was at this notary. Highly recommend them.

Bogdan Marin
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Fast and professional service. Brittany is fantastic to deal with. My entire family now uses CH and I’d recommend them to anyone in BC.

Steven Cross
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Working with Brittany was a seamless, enjoyable experience. This was my 1st conveyance so I had no idea what the documents meant and she explained each document with great patience. I would highly recommend this Notary office and would definitely use them again in the future. Everyone we were in contact with at this Notary office was extremely professional and easy to deal with.

AJ Mac