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Travel Consent Letter

If you're planning a trip abroad with your child and need to navigate
international travel regulations, our notary services include expertly crafted
travel consent letter. This document is crucial for demonstrating parental
consent for children travelling abroad during border crossings, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Get in touch with us today for safe travels!

Ensure Your Child’s Trip Goes Smoothly

A child travel consent form needs to be signed by the parent(s) that is not traveling with your child if your child(even minor child) is travelling abroad. This travel consent shows Canadian officials that your child has your consent to travel without you or legal guardian.

This process only takes a few minutes
(we promise)

A child travel consent needs to be signed in front of a notary. The process only takes a few minutes, so please don’t put this task off!

When Is It Needed?

When your child is travelling alone or with one parent

Who Signs It?

The parent(s) that isn't accompanying the child

How Long Does It Take?

A few minutes!

Why Is It Needed?

It shows officials that you consent to your child's travel plans without you.

Ensure your child doesn’t get stuck in a rainy Vancouver airport, when they could be in sunny Mexico!

If your child (yes, anyone under the age of 19 is considered to be a child – even if they are bigger, taller and, of course, smarter than you) is travelling outside of the country with only one parent or without either parent, they might need a travel letter.

Does Travel Consent Need to Be Notarized?

Legally, a consent letter for travel does not need to be notarized.

However, both Canadian and U.S border services highly recommend that you notarize it. This is because, when your child is at a border crossing, officers will judge whether or not your child is ok. If they have any concerns, they will begin an investigation.

A notarized travel consent letter shows them the letter is authentic so they know your child is ok. Our dedicated notary public in Surrey understand the intricacies of travel consent requirements and is committed to delivering reliable and legally binding solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to simplify the process and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve for your upcoming journey.

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Where Can I find the  consent letter for Travel?

We have created a consent letter for travel for you. This letter meets all the legal requirements for a travel letter.

Simply download it and bring it with you to our appointment!

Download The Child Travel Consent Form

Download the child travel consent and bring it with you to our notary appointment in Surrey.

Important Note: Please bring 2 pieces of ID to the appointment. For more information and/or requirements on a consent letter visit this link.

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Working with Brittany was a seamless, enjoyable experience. This was my 1st conveyance so I had no idea what the documents meant and she explained each document with great patience. I would highly recommend this Notary office and would definitely use them again in the future. Everyone we were in contact with at this Notary office was extremely professional and easy to deal with.

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Fast and professional service. Brittany is fantastic to deal with. My entire family now uses CH and I’d recommend them to anyone in BC.

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